Laptop Wifi Loses Internet Access After Some Time


May 23, 2016

So my problem is that my laptop loses its access to the internet (it's still connected to my wifi connection but it says "no internet access") after some time. I regain my access to the internet every time I restart but it's lost again after a while (this can be as quick as a minute or as long as an hour)

The strange things are
1) My laptop works perfectly fine with any other connection. So if I'm at school or at somebody else's house with my laptop the connection is perfectly fine and I never lose internet access.
2) All other devices, including my phone, tablet, and older laptop work perfectly fine with my router.
3) This was a problem for me a few months ago too, but it just went away one day and my laptop was fine until yesterday.

I just did a virus check with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and I've obviously tried restarting my router and uninstalling+reinstalling my laptop's wifi component. All drivers are also updated.

So can anyone help me?

It seems like you've pretty much done all the possible troubleshooting steps. What I can suggest is to contact your ISP first for further checking of your network. Also if you have a wireless adapter that you can use with your laptop please do try it as well. The problem can also be with your laptops wireless adapter that it's using because as you said it's the only device that's having problem with your network but not in other's network.