Laptop won't start, makes weird tic tac noise


Dec 4, 2016
Hello !
For a month my laptop has been making a weird tic tac noise whenever I try to turn it on, the screen stays black and it does the noise for up to 30 seconds and then just turns on.

The noise comes from the right side of the laptop and I turned the laptop off once with the disk open and when I tried to turn it on again the noise was no longer there but the laptop wouldn't turn on until I closed the disk again.

I haven't tried a lot of things to solve this because I have no idea what is causing this, but the only thing I've done is tried to turn it on with everything plugged out of the laptop (power chord, mouse, cooler) and it didn't work :(

any help is appreciated !


Dec 4, 2016
Update : I tried to turn it on a few hours later and it still did the noise and then just stopped and turned off again, then I tried a second time and it eventually did turn on again after making the same noise. I'm happy that I can use my laptop but I fear that it's a problem that will eventually break or damage my laptop (even more) and I hope I can find a solution until it is too late to fix or whatever
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