Lenovo B570 - Battery/Charger Issues

Leopard 600p

Jul 8, 2013
This is just a fun project I did but I wanted to see if I could finish it.

So about a month ago I got this Lenovo B570 laptop from my friend for 4 dollars. It had had juice spill on it and it cut off immediately. This was about a year before I got a hold of it. I managed to put a new hard drive in, clean it out, reinstall windows 7, and install all the drivers. I also got a new battery as the old one was dead, and also was a knock off apparently.

While everything was up, I left it on to charge with the new battery overnight thinking I had actually succeeded in fixing it. However, I never actually checked IF it was charging. Next morning I realized it was not. Now it isn't the: "Plugged in, not charging" error that happens. The PC will run with the charger plugged in and no battery, and will run with the battery, but when I plug the charger in with the battery, it doesn't register the charge. It doesn't evem say it's charging, but it has to be registering the charger as it is able to run on AC power.

I first reinstalled windows completely to see if that caused it. No dice. After that I uninstalled the battery drivers as stated in this video (as well as many other videos):


The first time I did this, it said: plugged in, not charging. Better than what is said before. Btw, at this time the battery already was on practically 0%.

Then it died shortly after. I repeated the process and it just registered the battery as "unknown device."

What's odd is that after the laptop shuts off, the battery charge indicator will go on for about 5 seconds and then stop. I can then power the computer on again with the battery and charger in, and it will stay on for a while, with the battery being an unknown device, Then after a few seconds it would crash.

It's like the battery is charging to the point that it barely can run the computer, then the PC switches from the charger power to the battery and then crashes.

I'm kind of lost now. I highly doubt the battery itself is the cause. I'm going to order a new charger when I can, but I doubt it's that either as it's the charger my friend's used for years. Again, this is just a fun project for me, but I've run into a standstill on what to do. I will mention that now the touchpad and USB ports are not working, but it may be that I haven't reinstalled the drivers yet, but they did work even right after the clean install.

Thanks for the tips!

Note: The Touchpad and ports sometimes work, but not always.

UPDATE: With the charger and the battery, it says in the beginning that it is plugged in and charging, then after a few seconds says unknown remaining. But the touchpad works now. For now
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