Question Lenovo G50-70: Battery Not Detected

Feb 26, 2021
I encountered a strange error today after taking my laptop apart and putting it back together.

My laptop's charging port broke so I took it apart to solder the wires. I've done this several times without issue before.
When I put the laptop back together I got the error "Battery not Detected"

There are two indicator lights on the front of the laptop.
Both lights are white, one for power, and one for battery status.

The battery status light is either white when everything is normal and orange when it's charging. The light will blink orange if there's a hardware error.

When on battery this light is lit up white as usual. However, when plugged in this light turns off completely.

So far I've tried disabling and reenabling the battery in device manager, I've tried to remove the battery and restart the laptop. Not sure what else I should be looking for.


Jul 7, 2020
First, did you use proper ESD precautions when working on your laptop? The obvious question is whether there is a loose connector related to the battery, but you probably already checked that. I'm curious as to why you would need to repeatedly repair the charging port? Makes me wonder if there is a mechanical connection that is lacking.
Feb 26, 2021
Yes I did. The wires on the charging port were very thin and easily break after the repeated use of the port. I remedied each of the wires with thicker gauge wire after each fix. After all the troubleshooting I've done I'm starting to believe the problem is with the power management IT8586E microcontroller.
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