Lenovo g570 charging but not opening

Try removing the battery and powering up on mains electricity only. If that works, the battery is almost dead and can't even pass power through.
Mar 6, 2018
Hi..I was also facing the same problem that NOT SWITCHING ON WITH START BUTTON BUT SHOWING CHARGING INDICATION(WHITE LIGHT) WHILE CHARGING since yesterday. My lap G570 was working normal, I kept it idle near about 3weeks with half battery charge. I was trying one by one for a solution. In my experience earlier, If battery is faulty/full empty, ' even without battery but with charger ON', lap will switch ON with start button. If batt was fully empty, leave lap for three hours in charging mode with battery, once charged, lap will switch ON with p button. In this case, Don't rush for a new batt immediately, if u r sure that lap was giving a good backup with the battery.

For the problem mentioned in the beginning, I tried the hard reset solution also as suggested by one of you above, but failed. Now I tried one more thing ie; JUST HOLD THE EARPHONE LIKE SYMBOL BUTTON NEAR THE START BUTTON FOR 3SECs AND TRIED TO SWITCH ON, it worked for me and my lap is working normal now. Also it is noticed in this case the battery was really charging, now its full and this is not a hardware fault. Just need a software reset with that button mentioned.