Solved! Lenovo Ideapad 530s 15IKB screen flickering after BIOS update

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Jan 5, 2019

I purchased my Ideapad 5 months ago, which came with both integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics and dedicated Nvidia geforce mx130 graphics, and installed Windows 10 on it by myself. A short while after I started using it, my screen began flickering occasionally. I followed some tips online, uninstalled the Intel UHD 620 drivers in safe mode and reinstalled the driver, which fixed the problem.

Today I got a message from Lenovo's System Update about a critical update I have to install. The update was the new 7PCN37WW version of BIOS for my laptop.
After successfully installing the update and rebooting my laptop, the screen started flickering constantly and rendered my laptop unusable.

I manged to make sure that the drivers for both the UHD 620 and the MX130 were up to date, but it didn't help and the problem persisted. I successfully rolled back the BIOS to the previous version, 7PCN27WW, which made my screen flicker only occasionally (not as bad as with the newer BIOS) but it's still very annoying.

Going into safe mode and disabling the Intel UHD 620 display adapter seemed to fix the flickering problem, but created a new one by disabling the 'Night Light' mode, and making it impossible to change the screen brightness of my laptop (after disabling the UHD 620, brightness was set to maximum with no ability to change). I tried to uninstall the UHD 620 driver in safe mode and to install 3 different versions of the driver (one from August, one from November and the newest one), but every time a UHD 620 driver was installed, the flickering came back.

I really need the ability to lower my screen brightness and use Night Light mode (for the sake of my eyes), any ideas how to fix this issue?
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