Lenovo y50-70 smooth problem


Jul 28, 2017
Hello guys.
First wanna thank to all of you who try to solve my problems.
So real problem with my laptop is that it doesn't run the games smoothly and it lags even when I have a high fps rate.The problem for example when I'm playing League of Legends is that when I move the camera its like my lappy is coming from the 90' .. not a big deal lag but it hurts my eyes.For example my gf's laptop has a double lower my specs but she runs it way more better than me(she doesn't have a single fps drop).I tried everything from updating the drivers to resseting the Windows.
The specs of the lappy are I7 4th gen 2.60 with overclock 3.50
Nvidia GTX 960m
I really appreciate all of your time spent to help me.I spent over 3 days infornt of the laptop looking for something to fix .. tried many things from 0-100 and nothing worked .. no viruses no outdated drivers.Everything is fresh and again I have a high fps but the games are not smooth as they are supposed to be! THANK YOU !