Lenovo Y580 Questions


Oct 16, 2012
Hey everyone I have been looking at multiple forums daily for the past 2 months on the Lenovo Y580, but still have questions which I hope can be answered on the thread.

To start out I started looking for a gaming PC when my xbox finally gave up on me after 3 years of use. At first I looked towards a 1000usd gaming desktop since I already have a mouse and monitor (my 720p Samsung TV), but my sister persuaded me by saying a good laptop might be a better idea because the Acer 533 I have right now is only really good for note taking and web browsing. So after a few weeks of searching I came across the Y580 and found the specs to my liking. Also I will be upgrading ram to 16GB off the bat.

I plan on using the Y580 for:

3-5 hours per day (I plan to have the graphics on medium or high depending on the game) mostly from a 720p TV via HDMI cable

Desktop Replacement:
I have used a Dell B110 for the past 7 years and feel I need a replacement, but want something mobile for school for the days I need something a bit stronger whether it be an assignment or a project

Video Camera:
The 720P HD Webcam seems like it would be good for making videos.

Now there are a couple of things I would like to ask of Y580 users because with me I am hyped to get something but a week or two before I start contemplating every little detail to make sure it’s a good buy. Also when I say life of the laptop I mean the laptop as a whole, if its less then 100usd to fix something after a year or more of use then I wont mind too much, but I want to avoid needing to replace something after months of use or that will cost me an arm and leg to repair.

1. I plan on using the Y580 for at least 5 years before feeling a need to get a replacement. I haven’t found much info on how long the Y580 is expected to last, only observations.

2. Should I invest in a cooling pad? I hear that HDD’s don’t last as long when kept at cooler temps, but because I will be gaming for hours at a time which will cause the Y580 to heat up quite a bit I am wondering if a cooling pad might be a good idea and extend the life of the laptop.

3. How is the webcam? I plan on making videos of me talking about subjects, doing reviews of products (lighting isn’t an issue for me) and so on. I am concerned about the lag as seen with webcams where the frame rate resembles a comic book.

4. I currently use a 720p 32in TV that I will connect the Y580 to via HDMI cable. I have been debating between the LCD and FHD screen for weeks now, but still can’t decide. I don’t mind the lower resolution’s text size, how it looks while gaming and how much I can fit on screen, but what worries me the most is the RGB contrast. I know on the laptop monitor it doesn’t look the best but on my LCD TV it will probably look a better? Correct me on that. The only con to the FHD screen I see is price and text size.

5. I found the Y580 on two websites. JR.com and Lenovo. JR.com will get me the Y580 with 2.30ghz, 750gb 7200rpm HDD, and 6GB of RAM for 900usd with a much faster shipping. Compared to from Lenovo that offers 2.40ghz, 1tb 5400rpm HDD (less heat?), and 8GB of RAM for 920usd with a much longer wait time. I am considering ordering from Lenovo due to the faster processor, and more memory, but what where I get stuck is either put in 20-30usd for a much longer wait, better specs, minus the slower HDD with lower temp or cheaper one with a faster HDD with higher temp, lower processor and unknown of how old the model being sent is. Why I don’t get the higher res is because my budget is 1000usd which includes the laptop, shipping, tax and a RAM upgrade.

Thank you to anyone who is willing to read through all of this and help me. I am very critical about my buys especially when they are expensive and want to invest in something that will fit my needs and last me at least 5 years. Also later down the road I will put an SSD to replace the HDD probably a year or two after owning this laptop. I understand a 1000usd desktop would be the better choice, but I need it mobile. 15.6in and 6lbs doesn’t bother me a bit.


Dec 7, 2012
HI there,
I'm sorry I couln't help earlier.. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you.
I've all but decided on the y580 from Canada computers, the mid range one.

How are you liking yours? How's the screen? Any regrets? What did you end up doing?