Lenovo Yoga 710s vs Acer Swift 5 14inch i7 laptops build quality


Jul 6, 2009
Hi guys,

Please after quite a few hours researching and comparing I have now resulted in these two 14 inch laptops.



They are both very similar specs but in price the Lenovo being £100 more (maybe because of the Geforce GT940MX compared to Intel HD 620 in the Acer.) But the Acer is 250g lighter.

My priorities are good quality screen portability some HD video editing. I am at the moment tending towards the acer as some reviews say it has better screen brightness colour and is 250g lighter at 1.3kg.

Can anyone recommend in terms of build quality?

Kind regards




Hello, Kunal:

The notable differences are:
1. Weight - the Yoga uses aluminium extensively and that adds some extra ounces. It is, of course, also a 2-in-1 design, which adds some complexity to the screen attachments - and a few more ounces. The Acer is a traditional clam-shell laptop, but this generation does use more metal than its predecessors. Here's a link to notebookcheck's review of the Acer from mid-January 2017:

2. Battery life - the 940MX card in the Yoga cuts into the battery life, and Lenovo were never pioneers in this field to begin with. 8 hours is OK, but not impressive. Acer claims 13 hours and even if that should prove somewhat optimistic, it's definitely more than you'll ever get from the Yoga.

I think the extra £100 will give you a significantly better quality feel in the Yoga and the added practicality afforded by the 2-in-1 design. The 940MX card doesn't impress any reviewers and it's only marginally more powerful than the Intel IGP. If you're confident that you can do basic video editing on an HD 620 IGP, then the 940MX card isn't going to be that much of an improvement.

The Acer is designed to be an ultrabook first and foremost - notebookcheck calls it a 'subnotebook'. It does feature a Type-C port but no physical recovery button. The Yoga has a few ounces more of bulk to withstand bumps/drops and like most other Lenovos you get the Novo button that will reset/restore the computer independent of Windows.

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