Question LG 75um6970pub screen issues

Feb 20, 2022
I own an LG 75um6970pub, just about 3 years old...

So my TV began displaying what looks like horizontal and vertical lines last week. You can still see part of the picture behind it but the lines cover most of the screen.
It was displaying fine from all sources the day prior and the day of. There's no physical damage to the TV that I can see anywhere. And as far as I can remember the only change to it was a software update the day before the incident occurred.

I did research and discovered that it could possibly be the T-Con board. And though I wasn't convinced it was, I swapped the board for a new one, the issue persisted.

Could the software update have affected the TV in some way? If so, how do I reset my TV to factory settings if I can't see the screen?

Before I buy a new TV I thought I'd post here...

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.