Light, small, Durable Laptop


Jul 2, 2012
I currently have an Acer Aspire one zA3 that has been through 3 owners and is looking much worse for wear: keys are missing, battery is glued in and the case is cracking in numerous places. It also struggles in playing even youtube videos on the lowest setting, and will not smoothly play lossless audio (this may be a software problem).
Now what I am looking for is a notebook to replace this. The 11" screen is about the perfect size for laptop, and I am looking to be able to play 720p movies and some light gaming namely Doom3, Mechwarrior 4, and (not being ablr to play this would not be a deal breaker) Dues Ex Human Revolution, not all that demanding of games at 720p.
A metal casing is preferable but not needed; durability is must however. The acer goes every where with me in my backpack and I am in highschool, not the most friendly of environments. For reference, I replaced my phone screen 5 times before getting a phone with gorrilla glass.
Battery life is important, with my acer and a 9 cell battery I get almost a full day of use out of it, the ability to either achieve 6+ hours of actual use, internet, word proccesing, etc. without a charger or the ability to buy extended capacity batteries is a must. I do not have a price range currently because I simply do not know how much what I am looking for would cost, keep in mind though I am in high school.

Thanks for the help


Jan 20, 2012
You don't mention your budget, but I would highly recommend a Lenovo X230 (with at least an i5) and the 9 cell battery upgrade. I have an X220 and absolutely love it when traveling and for meetings outside the office.