Llano laptop specs and price: HP dv6-6140ca

The first Llano laptop I've seen listed is giving some insight on the Llano price strategy (at least from HP).
I found it interesting that HP listed the CPU turbo speed first (2.5Ghz) and then slipped in the rated speed of 1.8Ghz, and without listing the i5-2410's turbo speed of 2.9GHz.
This is from the HP Canada website:

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That AMD Radeon HD 6755G2 is actually the HD 6750M graphics card with the hybrid crossfire option of using the HD 6620 IGP of the APU.
That dv6-6130ca model's price can be modified with $50 & free shipping HP coupons.

The dv6-6140ca full spec list can be found here.
HP is just the first company to list a Llano based laptop. And it's just the Canadian site.
Toshiba have also announced Llano based models available at the end of the month.
And I expect the other major players to have models out shortly.
6770M is not the integrated GPU on the CPU die. That's the HD 6620G which is roughly the same gaming power as a desktop Radeon HD 6450 or GT 220.
The dedicated HD 6770M gives the laptop roughly the gaming power of a desktop HD 5670. Pretty good in a mobile form.

To get that integrated HD 6620G on the CPU die AMD had to turn over a lot of 'real estate' and that was possible since the APU cores are quite a bit smaller than the traditional CPU cores.



Interesting. So a 6770m is about a desktop 5670 and the APU is about a 6450, if they xfire and do not scale down in performance, they get 936 gflop which is very close to 1008 gflop of desktop 6750, 7% difference. Assuming you can only oc the 6770m to say 17% and performance scale well (base of what I do to my 5730m, I know oc is a lottery), the xfire will give 1054 gflop and match the desktop 6750 or mobility 5850! But again this is just a number game of ideal situation. The reality is probably not like that because it is too good to be true.


Aug 13, 2008

Thanks for explaining, it really expanded my knowledge on the topic. 6620G equals to roughly 6450, makes much more sense.

Avro Arrow

Nov 12, 2009
For most uses, that Llano chip is superior to any of Intel's offerings below $800 because Intel graphics are HORRIBLE. That AMD machine is far more versatile, especially for gaming and it's $50 less expensive with 2GB of extra RAM. I hope that the morons at BestBuy and Future Shop get schooled in this new technology so they can actually do something other than talk about how good Intel is. :sol:
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