Logitech speakers fix or sell?


Sep 2, 2015
Hi guys, years ago I bought this Logitech Z-2300 2.1 set and I just loved the audio quality for the relatively cheap price (I think I paid around 170$ ). Recently, I can't use it anymore because the 3.5mm plug connecting it to my PC broke down and needs to be replaced.

On top of that, I can only hear sound from just one of the speakers, because I accidently kicked against the audio cable of one of the speakers while it was plugged in, resulting in the plug breaking at the audio input socket. Part of the plug remained inside the socket, I was able to get it out but the audio input for that side has never worked again.

I think the first problem is pretty easy to fix, but not sure about the second. Anyone has an idea on whether or not the second peroblem could be an easy fix as well?

What would this set be worth if I sell it now? I tried to sell it for 10 dollars, I pretty much expected nothing, but within days I had like a dozen people that were interested, despite the fact that they are broken. Then I checked Ebay and see that people are selling this set for over 100$. Are they really still worth that kind of money?

Unfortunately, Logitech doesn't make this speaker set anymore and hasn't since I think 2010 when it was replaced by the Z-623. Generally, people say that the Z-623 is good, but not quite as good as the Z-2300. So, are there are 2.1 speaker sets that sounds just as good as the Z-2300 that are less than 200$

I think I am trying to figure out what the best option would be at this point: Selling it, or go to a repair shop.