Logitech Z506 Headphone Jack Not Registering

Jan 14, 2019
This is a bit different of a thread and most likely is due to my errors, but when I plug the headphones into the speakers, the speakers keep playing out through the speakers and not my headphones. Now I have put the speakers through quite a lot, but I'm sad to see them go so soon (within a year). I commonly twist the headphone cable in the headphone jack due to a weird panning issue that occurs when I plug them in and they just favor one side of the headphone more (which is strange, but I've dealt with it). I also commonly unplug and plug them back in within a span of a few minutes, and sometimes I leave them half unplugged since they seem to give a higher quality and wider sound. Also, I sometimes jam them in too hard but I rarely do this. Now I did this same thing today (fully in, twisting) to try to balance the audio and all of a sudden, my audio starts playing out my speakers and not my headphones (but at that point I think the headphones were half out to try to increase audio spread). I tried fully plugging them in, tried jamming, twisting, etc. but nothing's working and my front panel audio on my PC doesn't work and my headphones barely reach the back of my MOBO so I'm slightly scared that I broke them. Any easy solutions or fixes? Thanks!