Looking at budget gaming laptops on NewEgg. Need advice.


May 14, 2015
So, I'm finally getting back into looking at computers after 7 years. Right? It's been a while. The last laptop I really looked at was one in 2008 when I was getting off of a 2-year church mission and getting back into college. And even then, I was pretty out-of-the-loop.

So I've been studying up on cpus and gpus and I think I'm finally ready to narrow my search down. I've been checking Newegg for deals (if anyone knows a better site, feel free to point me to it), because my laptop that I use now was in my bag when I was hit by a car, and the monitor is epileptic now. My budget is probably anything less than <$700, unless you really think an extra $50 or $100 is going to make a big difference. My goal is a budget gaming machine that I can take on trips, and I want it to stay relevant and usable for as long as I can.

This is the one I think I've narrowed it down to.

Is this acceptable for Office, gaming, movies, and such? Do you have any laptops you'd recommend instead? Do you think there are any components that I could do better with? Whether it's something slightly more expensive, but delivers a big boost, or a something that costs a lot less, without a big loss in performance, I'm looking for information and advice.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: More precisely, I'd be using this for Elsword (Korean MMO), Steam games (Final Fantasy XIII and others roughly at a Skyrim level), and a PS2 emulator. I might end up using it for ArcMap (lots of rendering? Question mark? Cartographic entry and analysis software) eventually, too.