Looking for a $400 laptop to install linux on


Dec 4, 2011
I actually have a laptop an acer 5420, but 2 inches of top of the screen is not working because i raged one time and well it still works but its pretty slow and messed up

some months it doesnt even turn on, sometimes it works flawlessly, but one things for sure, its on its last breath

I want a new laptop to play with linux, i know i dont need to buy a laptop just for this but thing is i want a new laptop, and i want to learn and play with linux

i already have a 700 dollar gaming pc with w7, i do not want to dual boot or do anything with it other than game

right now I am thinking 400-500 is a good price for a laptop with 4gb(is 2gb fine for linux?) and i dont care about the OS, but i would like a decent processor

Ill prob install fedora or ubuntu immediately. So things i will do
possible movies, but ill be on my pc more than my laptop
learn linux
eventually become my work laptop so i want it to be light, easily portable, like at least 2 hours of battery with light use unplugged..my current laptop lasts 40 minutes so this is important. Also i want one that wont get uber hot and has non flimsy ultra cheap ugly design

any suggestions at all? thanks, i can wait for sales, but would prefer to buy it this month

feel free to suggest which linux distro's to try as well

here are some im looking at (im favoring the samsungs sexy design)

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834131320 < i really want this but i read its not good with linux, please advice



there all generally the same i tried to get an i3 but design and price mean everything so these are just a few i bookmarked. I couldnt find any review on them on google/youtube or on their compatibility with linux

i dotn want to spend 400 only to find out i cant use my wifi or something, thanks in advance

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