Looking for a decent laptop that costs $500-$580 that can run games from today


Nov 5, 2013
So the desktop that I have is a decent desktop but since I'm moving to college and I do not have enough space in my dorm to setup my computer I have decided to buy a laptop instead.Im currently looking for a decent laptop that can run games from today in medium settings.I would like to play crysis1 in medium settings and be able to play most games in medium settings.The most I would spend is $600 but since cyber Monday is coming soon I could probably be able to buy a $700 laptop for around $500.Anyways I need a good laptop that can run games from today in medium settings and that costs around $500 but the most I will spend is $700.


Aug 16, 2013
Sadly, laptops for gaming are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.

Even though crysis is 2007, its a very hard game to run. Mainly because the game was way built for next gen. $500-$580 won't be enough sadly, since were going into next generation for console, system requirements are rapidly increasing as we speak.

If I was you, build a PC instead, with $500, you can get a very good build, one which can play most games ultra and crysis as well.