Looking for a document processing app that I can email to myself from my phone


Jul 21, 2017
I have an Android LG phone and I'd like to find a document app that will allow me to compose on and then email from my phone. I like Quick Memo, but am unable to email the memos. I have to download them via cable to my computer. And if this were 1995 I wouldn't mind, but it's a cumbersome and time-consuming process and makes no sense given where technology is today.

I looked into Word, but it wants access to a lot of personal information it doesn't need and I'm not going to give it. It also doesn't receive many good reviews, as it appears to be a bit buggy.

I'd like to find an app that's simple and easy to use, ads free (I can't have any visual or audio distractions when I'm composing or trying to study), and from which documents can be easily emailed.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.