Looking for a laptop for portable gaming(Recommendations, please)


Jul 6, 2013
Hey Toms Hardware, Im looking to buy a gaming-centered laptop.
Lemme give you some background:

I'd be willing to spend from $1000 - $1500. Maybe upwards of $2000, if i think its worth it.
Id like the screen to be 17", but I dont mind it being 15" ish.

Battery life is irrelevant to me.

The main games ill be playing are going to be strategy games(Crusader Kings II, Starcraft, Sins of a Solar Empire, etc.). Ill also be playing a few MOBA's, and FPS games.(Skyrim, Titanfall, Mass Effect)

Id prefer the graphics to be good, but not top of the line amazing. Very High/High on Titanfall or Skyrim would be fine for me. If thats possible with the budget...

I would prefer a laptop with the OS on an SSD, with some extra space for a game or two, and an HDD for the rest.

Id like to keep the laptop for a few years, if possible.

Optical drive is irrelevant. I really dont care. Im a steam/Origin gamer.

Brands are also irrelevant. Just please no Dell or HP. I have had absolutely terrible experiences with them.

I live in Murica, btw.

Note: If the laptop is available at a retailer like Fry's Electronics of Best Buy or something, that'd be great. But its not necessary.