Looking for a quiet 17 inch laptop


Aug 29, 2016
Hi all,
I'm considering getting a new laptop but I'm having trouble finding reliable advice. Most reviews tend to focus on performance and power when you search for 17 inch laptops so can anyone recommend one which has a decent spec and stays quiet when processing?

I'm not after the top spec machines but my spec considerations are:

Must have space for 2 hard drives. Not bothered about what it comes pre-installed with but I like to have an ssd for my operating system with a storage drive of at least 1TB. I'm happy to install my own as long as there is space.

I like to have a decent processor so I7 is my preference as that's what I've had on my last 2 laptops. I'm not bothered by which generation but I've heard those with skylake chips tend to be quieter though I'm not sure how true that is.

Ram - only have 8gb on my current laptop so not bothered if the new one had more or the same.
In terms of graphics, I don't need anything mega powerful. My gaming rarely veers away from Football Manager and Civilization so will need to run these comfortably when the new versions come out.

Other than that the laptop will be mainly used for Web browsing and watching movies, which is why I want a quiet machine. My current laptop has noisy fans (bad design rather than maintenance) and gets annoying having to push the volume up more than I need to drown out the fan noise.

Preferably i'd like to spend under £1,000 but so far the best option i've found is the Asus ROG-GL752VL which is £1,200 or just under but i'm not sure I need anything that powerful

Cheers all.