Solved! Looking for advice on comparaison on gaming laptop.

Mar 22, 2020
Hello all, it's my first post here but I follow the the website/forum for long time now. I decided to be a member and to post my first post :)

I am looking to buy a new laptop this week. I need a new laptop for working and I would love to be able to play some videos games with (not only on my XB1)

What I need is
17'' screen
RTX 2060 or better
16+ gb ram
i7 (I guess... I don't know much haha)
At least 1tb of storage (could be 512ssd + 1tb hdd)
Backlit keyboard (don't need 25 000 colour, white is fine)
- $1400 (I made the conversion for US money, it's $2000 Canadian)

I can always buy less (storage & RAM) and flip it later for cheaper if it's better.

The one who I like so much and fills up every need.

Lenovo Legion Y540 17''
16gb ram
256ssd + 1tb hdd
RTX 2060
$1250 (plus taxes)

What do you think about that?
  • Can I have something better for the same price?
  • Can I have something similar for cheaper?
Thanks in advance everyone, it's more than appreciated.
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That is about the going price for those specs in a 17" system. Seems fine to get if you like it, although I would want a 500gb SSD in the system to install programs on.