Looking for an all purpose headset in the $200 range


Feb 29, 2016
Hey guys,

I'm currently looking for a new headset for my personal PC, my budget is around $200.

What I'm looking for is a comfortable headset, I've the Razer Kraken 7.1 and it feels like my head is going to get crushed anytime while wearing it, on the other hands, recently my workplace spoiled us with the G930's and they've been very comfortable. Mind you, I've a very big head haha.

I need the headset to be good for gaming as well (and I think even more importantly than gaming) as music. I've tried listening to some stuff with the G930's and they just didn't pack a punch in my opinion (I mostly listen to anything Metal), maybe due to a lack of equalization as I didn't find the Logitech software on my work PC. Additionally, I need the headset to be compatible with a PS4 and the preference would be for a wireless headset. I'm also down to buying headphones and an attachable mic if there's a better option for me out there.

So far I've considered the G933 which unfortunately are a bit out of my range, the HyperX Cloud, the Corsair Void, but since I have no way of actually trying them out myself, I'm looking for your help.

Much appreciated!
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