Solved! Looking for Free Light Firewall That Can Whitelist Folders


Nov 4, 2014
I am currently using a free version of SphinxSoft Windows Firewall Control with a free version of Avast Antivirus in Win 8.1 64x. The firewall has the usual basic features, such as allowing or blocking apps, inbound, outbound, temporary or permanent.

Avira sometimes does security updates, and it downloads a setup file in its temp directory and runs it. But the firewall asks me to approve or deny the request for the setup file to access the 'net to download the updates, so I allow it to do so temporarily. I experienced similar with some MS software updates.

Given that, is there a free software firewall that has the same basic features mentioned above, is light in terms of memory use, etc., and can whitelist a particular folder or automatically allow access for any app created in that folder?