Looking to Get a Laptop for School and Light-Moderate Gaming


Jan 8, 2013
I think my motherboard and possibly my CPU fried out unfortunately, and I've been heavily considering just getting a laptop anyway. I don't have time for gaming frequently anymore and when I do it's usually Dota 2 or Grim Dawn which aren't demanding games and I need a laptop for doing homework and writing papers while on campus. I'd like to play Dota with higher graphic settings still if possible, but not a must.

I'd like to keep it around $850 or less but willing to go a little higher. I'm planning on just getting something on the lighter side and in a 13.3-15.6" since I can just get a splitter and use my 23" monitor when at home.

Even with these kind of games, are heat problems a big concern for laptops not specifically designed for gaming because of lack of adequate fans and whatnot?

I've mostly been looking at Lenovo and ASUS but I don't know much about laptop manufacturer quality so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you for any suggestions