Loudest Bluetooth speaker ?


Aug 19, 2015
Hi guys !

I'm looking for the loudest bluetooth speaker there is out there :)
Why ?

Because I want to blast music when I'm on the way up for a skydive in (very) noisy planes :D
I've already taken up a friend's Bose Soundlink 2 (lets take that as a reference point) - and it just doesn't cut it.
If you hold it up close to you - you and the guy next to you can hear it, but that's about it.

--> I've looked into the Bowers & Wilkins T7 or the Jawbone Big Jambox; because they seem to be pretty loud devices.
But on some websites they mention the Jawbone is less loud than the Bose Souldink 2 :??:

I'd be really grateful if you could advise me on this one, you'll make the 15min ride up to altitude a lot more fun for a bunch of happy skydivers :) :)

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