Mac Laptop best for multitasking and some Graphics work


Aug 14, 2012
I am looking for a Apple laptop to be able to multitask very quickly and also help me with Graphic Designing. I have a PC that I built for Graphic Design work but wanted a laptop that could handle basic drawing and maybe some animation if I want to work on it outside of my home. I am going back to College for IT and will be making web sites in the near future. I need a new laptop and I am sick of getting a windows laptop and it burning out in a few years. I have always wanted a Mac but never had the money until now.

I am purchasing the laptop from BestBuy and budget is at Max $1900 including $349 for their 2 year protection plan. I know that doesn't give me a lot of laptops to choose from but I don't want a lot of hard drive space because I am buying a 2 TB External within the week. So hard drive space is not a big concern. I just want something very fast and can handle any work that I do and anything I can throw at it. I really want this laptop to be something I can use for graphic design when I am away from my desktop, but the laptop doesn't have to be a graphic design power house just something that I could do a drawing or two on. I also know that I will have to purchase a USB SuperDrive for the Retina or the Air. I just want to know which one would be best.

Also in the I may upgrade somethings with it in the future and was curious if it is very easy to upgrade the Ram and if it had a second slot for another Hard Drive. Please help me


Jul 16, 2011
LOL you're going to be an IT and yet want to purchase a mac. Maybe you should stick to graphics design if you are that poorly educated with computer hardware. Your are buying hardware at a 40% increase and software thats in all honestly a rip off of the linux operating system which is free. If you compare any 1900$ laptop compared to a mac laptop at equal value on a hardware level you will understand what i mean. If your "windows" laptop burns out try installing linux on them instead and save yourself a shit load of money. Dont just open your wallet to the wind and throw your money away
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