Question Macbook Air 2017 damaged

May 21, 2019
Hey everyone,

I'm sorry to post this, but I managed to get my Macbook Air wet and now it won't turn on.

The laptop was inside a laptop sleeve and the sleeve was inside of my bag (which was closed), it started raining and when I got home I noticed that my laptop was moist (not even wet). The only way where the rain could have entered the laptop is through the back (where the screen meets the keyboard).

I turned my laptop around and there was not a single drop of water coming out. I left it sit on my bed for 10 hours or so before I tried turning it on, and here's the result:

I didn't turn on, but when I put the charger in it was showing a GREEN light for 2 seconds and then it started showing an ORANGE light (as it usually does).

Does anyone know what I should do? Is it definitely ruined? Can I do something to fix it?

Thanks in advance!


Mar 27, 2009
well your first mistake was trying to turn it on at all. You could blow any number of transistors and capacitors where there is water. so get ready to open it up remove the battery and douse it with denatured or despirited alcohol or an alcohol based electronic cleaner like Zep. Then use compressed air to blow it of , and when i say douse i mean run a lot over every surface and allow it to push the water out , not bucket loads but just enough to know that every nook and cranny had that running out of it. Ive done that to my macbook pro and we are still standing. My cats spilled a fairly big glass of water on my mac.
after blowing the alcohol out set it somewhere warm for a few hours, alcohol dissipates quickly when not pooled so be thorough with the air. I set mine in my vehicle on a hot day and was up and running in 3-4 hours.
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