MacBook Air purchasing advice


Oct 4, 2010
Hi guys.

I'm currently eying on the recently launched MacBook Air 13' 1.86/2G/256GB. And by doing that I would need to sell my i7 gaming desktop. The reason is I might need to carry my next laptop a lot as I would need to do Final Year Project and various researches on it in the library or mobile, hence a desktop is not a viable choice. Besides, I think purchasing such ultimate gaming machine is way too overkill for me. I'm just running folding@Home most of the time :na:

Below are the tasks that I'm going to do with the MBA:

1. When I'm in home I'm going to output the display to a 23' running FullHD so I'm wondering will the integrated GPU able to drive such resolution without jerky video frame rate when viewing full 1080p video?

2. I might need to run single virtual machine at a time, I doubt that the C2D and 2GB of RAM is suffice?

3. As a habit, I'm used to open over 20 tabs at a time on the Internet Browser, so will 2GB of RAM suffice for it?

4. The number of USB ports doesn't concern me.

The main reason that get me attracted with MBA is how featherlight weight it is compared to my 3kg+ Acer Aspire 5920G which recently had a faulty graphic card after serving me a whole 3 years+. I would definitely prefer not to carry a heavy laptop.

So the ultimate question is, will MBA be a suitable notebook for me?
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