macbook air water spill and charging issues


Sep 23, 2017
So a couple weeks ago I spilled about a cup of water on my Macbook Air and it instantly shut itself down. I thought it was probably a goner, but I gave it a week to dry out and then tried turning it on. Amazingly, it started up as usual and everything was just as I had left it and seemed to be functioning fine! I thought it was too good to be true! It was. I noticed that when I plugged in the power cord the light didn't come on, but the charge icon showed that it was plugged in. But when I would unplug it I would see that it hadn't actually gained any charge when plugged in. And the amount of charge when unplugged was slowly decreasing. (So it was holding the charge it had when plugged in but not gaining any?) I used it this way for a few days, and then I did a REALLY STUPID THING which was that I closed it and left it unplugged overnight. Now when I try to turn it on it shows the black screen with white battery symbol and a lightning bolt under it. It knows it's plugged in (the icon changes to the plug-me-in symbol when I unplug it) but it does not seem to be charging.

So, what do you think? I assumed it was just the battery but it seems others' similar problems have been the logic board. I live far from any Apple Stores/apple repairing stores, and it looks like it will cost money just to call Apple for support. If I can figure out it's the battery I might mail it in for repair, but if it's the logic board I might be better off just buying a new computer.

Any advice much appreciated!!


This is not what you want to hear but it is more than likely a logic board issue and not a battery issue. Since it shut down instantly after the water was spilled then it more than likely affected a power component. A logic board replace will cost several hundred dollars ($500-$600 if not a little more). Just out of curiosity, what is the model year of your MacBook Air?

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