News MacBook M1 destroys Windows on ARM — this is embarrassing


Feb 14, 2008
You're comparing apples to oranges when you pit this thing against the Surface Pro X and then say "it's one of the best laptops around". Compare it to the Surface Pro 7 then. It's fine to say that when comparing Microsoft's ARM tablet to Apples M1 chip, the M1 is far better, but that's not what you're suggesting when you write an article like this. The Surface Pro X was a turtle since it came out. It was clearly a "test" ARM product by Microsoft. It's not a flagship product like this one is for Apple. Those using this thing will be comparing it to the Pro 7 and it's capabilities.
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Jan 24, 2018
The M1 MacBook Air just thrashed the Surface Pro X, again — benchmark results explained.

MacBook M1 destroys Windows on ARM — this is embarrassing : Read more
If you look at Ryzen 3000 laptops vs Ryzen 4000 laptops, just one year later... You will see that Ryzen 4000 also embarrassed the Ryzen 3000 laptops.

You are comparing a product released in 2019, based in a 2018 processor to a laptop that was released a couple weeks ago along side a process that was also released a couple weeks ago. If you recall Moore's Law, this is what is suppose to happen. Intel has been able to deliver that generational computational improvement in the last decade, but Qualcomm has and certainly AMD's Ryzen has shown that AMD64 (x86-64) can do that as well. I anticipate that ARM on windows will improve and will be opened up, and ARM on macs will Improve and become more locked down. Then RISC-V will come in an decimate both in 5 years.


Apr 26, 2017
WEll, the ONLY reason the Surface exists is corporate ego. MS got it in their head the ONLY reason for the failure of WIN tablets & $1k+ WIN laptops is because of manufacturer fail so MS decided to show them "how it's done." Of course, they couldn't jut put out a WIN tablet, it would be too easy to measure sales against the juggernaut iPad ... and of course, they couldn't do a $1k+ laptop as that "might show up their hardware partners" (also easy to compare to the $1k+ laptop market leader by far, Apple) so they picked a middle ground - a detachable laptop ... which would be okay but MS corporate ego wouldn't allow it to be priced below anything Apple ... basically there is no reason for the Surface t exist other than corporate ego.Mo one has ever said, I'd really like a super expensive slow WIN laptop that detaches into pieces ...

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