Macbook Pro Early 2011 not working


Oct 10, 2015

I have a MacBook Pro 13inch Early 2011. A couple of weeks ago some coffee was spilled on the table I was working on and some (not much) got onto the logic board. I cleaned it off and the Mac worked afterwards.

Then 2 weeks ago my Magsafe charger broke so I replaced with another from Apple. Again computer worked fine. Then while I was working one day it died. I thought it was the battery at first, but when I connected the magsafe lead I got a faint green and orange light. I disconnected the battery and the computer worked OK. When I reconnected the battery everything was fine for a couple of days and then the computer wouldn't turn on again. It worked intermittently when the battery was disconnected and has now stopped working altogether. I changed the magsafe board and gave everything inside a cleaning, but it still refuses to show the battery status, or turn on. I get the faint green/orange light in the magsafe connector.

Is my next move a new logic board?

Due to the expense of a new logic board I might as well buy a secondhand MacBook pro in same year model etc. If so could I simply swap the logic boards. Or can I simply swap my harddrive into another machine. Will it start up and be like my old machine?

Sorry that was all a bit long winded I hope someone can offer some advice. I am confident enough in my abilities to change things.

Many thanks



If you are going to buy a used MacBook then just swap the hard drives and it will run the same as your old machine. Your hard drive should work in pretty much any MacBook Pro, even a newer one.

If you buy a used one that is in as good a shape then this is the way to go as swapping a drive is much easier than a logic board swap.

Then sell the old one as broken on eBay and recoup some money.
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