Macbook pro or Intel Windows Laptop?


Feb 6, 2009
I am looking to buy a new laptop and need some help picking one.

I am deciding whether to get the new Macbook Pro or Intel based Windows Laptop.

The primary use of the laptop are programming, graphic, video, and 3D. No gaming.

Budget is to be under $1500

Need to be intel because I need to install OS X to program in Objective-C.

So should I get a Macbook Pro, Asus ROG G750JX, MSI GE70, or do you have better recommendation?

Thank You.
If you need OSX get a Mac. Getting OSX on a PC is very hard and/or illegal. It will also not run as well as it will on a real mac. So my vote is for the macbook pro.


Jul 18, 2013
Get the macbook pro if you need os x, if you try and put it on a pc i believe you are violating the eula. If you find you need windows programs you can always install windows on the mac as well


Nov 17, 2013
$1,500 will get you only the 13" retina MacBook Pro. The 15" is $1,999, however, the new OS, Mavericks, is worth every penny. People forget that OS X is a certified Unix platform, while Windows 8.1 is just another ill-conceived version of MS Windows. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not bashing Windows, I did use Windows from the mid 1980 until 2010 (endlessly dealing with crashes, incompatibilities, Microsoft invasive practices, you name it...). After moving to OS X, I have not experienced ONE single crash, update problems, incompatibility issue - none of that. I do still run Windows XP on my MacBook Pro (only because I still use some programs that will not run under anything else, NOT EVEN ON ANY NEWER WINDOWS OS SYSTEMS).
If I can give you an advice -- buy a Mac, get a virtual machine program (I run Parallels), load what ever operating systems you need (including Windows if necessary) and you are set! OS X just works!!!


Jul 24, 2013

That's great, but we aren't looking for you to come here and bash windows. Apple makes some good laptops, even though they are priced too high. On the flip side to your experience, if I got a Mac the first thing I would do is install windows. I like windows and I find windows 8 runs great on all my PCs, even a tablet with a single core atom processor from the windows 7 era. You dont need to bash windows just to tell the OP to get a Mac. As I said in my above post, a Mac is what the OP should get. Different computers have different uses.