Man Takes On Nintendo in Piracy Lawsuit

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May 29, 2008
[citation][nom]Steveymoo[/nom]No, certain guns shouldn't be sold in the first place anyway... I don't see any other use for handguns, other than shooting other people. In defence, or anger. Much like buying a memory card, with a hack for breaking copyright laws (please don't speel some BS about using it only as a memory card,) is enabling you to plagiarise other people's work.Granted, the consequences are massively different. Taking someone's life is infinitely worse than stealing someone's work. So maybe this analogy isn't perfect, but the moral principles are the same.Take, for example, a drug dealer. A drug dealer doesn't necessarily use any of his/her own drugs, Likewise, when the dealer sells those drugs to a client, he isn't necessarily forcing the client to take the drugs, also, the client isn't necessarily buying the drugs to ingest, maybe the client just wants to use them for scientific purposes...So why then, are there laws to stop the dealer, and the client, from doing trade? Because they are dealing with a substance, that's most likely function is to consume, which is illegal.When a retailer sells an item, that's main function is to break copyright laws (again, don't tell me it's primary function is to store personal files, because that's BS,) Why is this any different, morally?Again, the consequences of these examples are massively different, but if you want to live in a morally balanced country, you can't be such a massive hypocrite. Stealing is morally wrong, enabling someone to steal, and then claiming ignorance, is just plain stupid.[/citation]

The problem with your argument is that the Cards are NOT illegal. They may become illegal, but they are NOT currently illegal. Believe it or not, but some people actually do write their own programs for the DS and run them. Some people are just that nerdy. Yes, most people use these cards to pirate games, but that doesn't make the product illegal.

And as for your argument for guns, that's also false. How many people do you know who've ever killed someone? I'm willing to bet you don't know anyone who's killed someone. However, unless you live in some state or country where all guns are illegal, I'm going to bet you know someone who owns a gun, even though they may not have told you (because, clearly, you'd give them your "guns are bad" lecture if they ever did). By your logic, anyone who owns a gun must do so for the intent of killing someone. I'm here to tell you, I've owned guns since I was 12. I've known many people who've owned guns. And I don't know anyone who's ever killed someone. Heck, most of the people I know don't even hunt animals. We're all hobbyists. Going out to a field and killing paper is what we do. Why? Why not? Why do kids play video games where they can pretend to shoot bad guys in the head? Why do people play games online where they run restaurants or plant crops? Why do people fling birds at pigs? Because it's fun, and we can.

Can a computer game be used to kill someone, no. But you know what could be used to kill someone? A sharpened pencil, craft scissors, a butter knife, a heavy rock, 4th of july fireworks, a broken bottle, a motorcycle, a car, a chainsaw, a screw driver, a nail gun, a hammer, your fists, hell, think of something. I could bash your brains in with a water bottle if I so needed.

People don't like guns because they make killing easier, but getting rid of guns doesn't solve the problem that killers will kill. Look at prisons, how many people are killed each year in prison? I'm willing to bet most or all of those people didn't die at the end of a gun. Some other criminal, determined to kill them, found some way, probably a piece of metal they pulled off a laundry cart or something. Your proposed solution (get rid of things that are likely to be used to commit crimes), has only one end. Sedate everyone and lock them into individual padded rooms so they can't do anything to anyone. You'll have to blindfold them and plug their ears too, otherwise they might see or hear something, then recite it later, violating copyright law.

At some point, society must fend for itself. Take Britain for example, the government outlaws guns, and violent crime actually rises (it dropped, only briefly, immediately after the law was passed).

Maybe the government hasn't gone far enough in some respects, but mostly, they've gone too far. Banning trans fats and incandescent light bulbs? Making it illegal to not wear your own seatbelt (really, who, besides the person not wearing it, gets hurt if they're not wearing a seatbelt?)? I really don't need the government making certain memory cards illegal just because people might pirate video games. Nintendo needs to figure out a better way to prevent piracy (maybe not asking $50/piece for new games is a good start), rather than trying to make it illegal for people to live their own lives.


May 14, 2010
A lot of people here don't understand how an r4 or other "flash rom cart" works. The device pretends to be a real Nintendo cartridge to be playable, then runs homebrewed firmware from there. We can start with the argument that they are first of all copying Nintendo's cartridge design. But let's forget that. Every one of these cartridges from the start is built with the function to play commercial games. They can do other things like play music/movies, but those are the kinds of firmware you'd have to search for. Matter of fact, some firmwares actually have functions built in to circumvent AntiPiracy measures. Most of the time they are advertised specifically to play commercial games. From the point of sale, they are piracy enabled devices. People keep using gun analogies. This is more like selling an illegal automatic weapon. Automatic weapons are over what is considered to be necessary for hunting or self defense, and these are devices meant for piracy, not homebrew.

I'm pro modding, I support Geohot fully because he returned wrongly disabled features, but I'm not for those who took those features and used them to enable piracy. I'm for emulating old systems because the actual hardware can be hard to find, but I'm not for emulating new systems that people could easily get on their own. I'm for flash rom carts being used for enabling new features like music playback and running emulators, but they are made and sold to pirate. The vendor is wrong for selling piracy equipment and also trying to make a profit doing so.

You should applaud Nintendo, they're going after someone who's clearly profiting from piracy instead of trying to sue users and legit modders, unlike certain companies who should've hired a security adviser.


Sep 2, 2006
I have gotten so sick of these major media companies who sue everyone they can find for using paid for products in a way they don't like. It makes me sick. And I have come up with a way to get back at them. I won't buy any of their junk.
I'm just going outside. Sportmart sold me a baseball for $3.99 and said they don't care what me and my kids do with it.
Sony and Nintendo come find me in the back yard when you wake up.


Feb 2, 2010
Well aren't ModChips defined as a device that must be hard wired or soldered to the motherboard of the device in order to modify the device? Certainly its not that, sooo ya fk Nintendo, they're just overextending.
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