Solved! Micro Lags and Hangs on Asus TUF fx505dy

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May 21, 2020
Here are the specs of my laptop:
Ryzen 5 3550H
Radeon rx560x
4gb ddr4 2600mhz ram
Windows 10 64bit

Just got the laptop a couple days ago, no undervolting and overclocking. I experience some delays when I click on apps, and major micro freezes when I play games such as Apex Legends and CS:GO.

During those times, Disk utilization sits at 100% while RAM is at 70-90% (or even higher in games). The CPU is drastically oscillating from 100% then back down to 20% or 30% while the GPU sits around 30% at most.

Just want to confirm if it is really a bottleneck of the RAM so I can upgrade it with a piece of mind, or if the system itself is faulty.
Thanks for reading!
Not open for further replies.