Question missing voicemails and text messages while phone was not functioning/in recovery mode

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Sep 8, 2020
I received a "storage full" warning message on my iPhone 7, but when I started deleting apps and other data, it couldn't perform those functions-- it was basically has too little disk space to do anything. I restarted the phone, figuring that might help, but it got stuck on the Apple startup screen. As I searched for solutions, it spent about 4 days either off, on the Apple startup screen, or in recovery mode.

I finally did two things: bought a new phone with more storage space, and recovered from a backup. I also did the fully recovery of my old phone-- erasing in the contents and restoring from backup.

Now that my old phone is back to life, I find that I am missing all texts and voicemails from the 4 day period. Any idea how to get those back? I've heard from some people who tried to reach me who were very concerned I didn't reply, and of course, I don't even know who all left messages or texted me during that time.

My sense from reading discussion boards is that they would appear once the phone was restored, but that hasn't happened in 8 hours. My provider is AT&T. Thanks!
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