Solved! Mobile WorkStation - Comparison Chart

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Feb 25, 2016
Hi All,

I'm looking to find a site which creates a comparison chart of mobile work stations for video editing.

Tiger Direct used to but doesn't seem to anymore. Amazon can compare all Dells or other manufacturers but I haven't found a site which compares various manufacturers at incremental price increases and augmented features.

1st mobile workstation $1,800 2nd - $2,200 3rd - $2,800 4th - $3,000 5th - $3,500

Ex. Lenovo Thinkpad P51 -vs- Dell -vs- Acer -vs- Asus -vs- MCI - vs-

I'm also interested in tests for the respective parts most important for video editing. Ex. CPU, GPU, Motherboard.

32GB RAM seems enough but having extra slots to be bale to add more RAM might be a nice feature.

I appreciate your thoughts/suggestions.
Not open for further replies.