Solved! Motion blur when gaming on new TV?

Jun 30, 2021
Hey, I'm new here and hoping somebody can offer me a bit of advice. I'm having trouble with my new TV which I bought for gaming, I contacted LG and asked their advice on a gaming TV within a £500 budget. They suggested the LG 43” 4k 43UP77006LB. So I went ahead and ordered it and have since had some trouble gaming on it, I'm using an Xbox One S (last gen console,) and experiencing motion blur when I move in game. Any movement in game creates this, the screen blurs until I stop, and then the picture is fine when the character is stationary. I've tried multiple games, both 30fps and 60fps games, same issue with them both. I feel like I have tried everything in the settings. What's annoyed me is that my old TV was a very cheap, old thing, (a DigiHome 32278HDDLED,) and it was flawless.

I really can't understand what the issue is, but it's very frustrating, and the motion blur isn't something I can get used to or put up with either – gives me a bit of a headache.

What is also annoying is I have tried two other TV's before the LG one, they had awful motion blur but were both on the cheaper side and that was why I decided to splash out my maximum money on this one. I have asked around and had very mixed answers so far, some people say it's my budget, some said I should use a monitor not a TV, while according to others the stats for this TV should work fine with an Xbox, so I'm just very confused.

Could any please offer some advice on this? I know £500 is a very low budget to some but I really cannot afford more. Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
Jul 1, 2021