Moto X vs Iphone 5s


Jul 3, 2013
Okay so ive been looking up stats and reviews on these phones and I'm trying to figure out which is better for me in the long run, as well as right now.

Ive got a list of stuff that ive already figured out but I worry that if i get the moto x will be outdated in 2 years by a long shot compared to the 5s (the 4s is still kinda previlant today) whereas my moms old phone of 3 years, one of the first androids, cant even handle basic texting.

Customizing: MotoX
Screen: 5s
OS: MotoX
Apps: Open for Discussion (leaning to 5s)
Social Media: 5s (apps run smoother ex. Vine)
Performance in Apps: so far 5s, better coding for iOS, Google play not so good with releasing games, and don't play as well. Yet the the moto has 2GB of ram. Need comparison on processor
Voice command: MotoX
Security: 5s, finger scanner is cool
Camera: MotoX technically, yet iOS has better color on photos
Internet: doesn't matter too much
Future-ability: I will be having this phone for 2+ years so I don't want it to be outdated until then. Gotta love contracts ;)

I want a smooth, easy phone that wont lag at basic tasks, I like the iphone because they tend to stay smooth in the OS throughout updates whereas my tablet of 2 years is struggling with watching Youtube videos in HD.

Im an open book write what you want but don't just say the xxxx sucks. Need reasons on why it is better, Im technical so don't be afraid to get deep with me ;)


Nov 6, 2013
The greatest advantage of android devices is the fact that everything on it is Open Source, meaning that when the device gets outdated or the provider stops updating it, you could still find unofficial updates/fixes from users all around the world. Nowadays, android devices are very powerful and development is quite intensive (see Since they're based on the linux kernel, you could theoretically get the same compatibility for any peripherals as a desktop computer (Apple likes to keep their devices compatibility only with Apple products). Now that devices such as the Galaxy S4 supports very recent kernels, you could modify the stock phone with recent technologies that truly boosts it's performance or battery life (and you can't do that with Apple products).
So, because Google promotes Open Sourcing and software/OS/kernel development, Android devices are much less likely to get outdated. See the Moto X forums on XDA to get a good idea on how much the customization possibilities are endless :p
Feel free to ask for more details, and sorry for my bad english