Moving from true 7.1 headphone to virtual surround (1 Question from virtual surround guys)


Aug 11, 2017
Hi ! I had a strix 7.1. The sound quality and the surround was great but the material was EXTREMELY CHEAP. It broke ! After holding both earcups with glue for 6 months (joke you not) it broke again and i cut the right earcup wire in the process of re applying the glue. so now im going for Razer ManOwar but i have a big question !!! ive read a lot of forum posts and turns out virtual or true it doesnt really differ much and you can easily figure out where the damn barber is with either of them. BUT what about the sounds behind you ? its crucial to csgo ! i could easily tell whats behind me with the Strix's true 7.1 but how about a decent VIRTUAL surround headphones like Razers ManOwar ? can you easily tell if somethings behind you ?

True Buie

Aug 29, 2016
Heyo sadra_1

To be honest. I don't find the 7.1 or virtual surround sound to work good at all. They most likely will just cut the low/mid tones and enhance the treble. The sound is scewed in almost EVERY sound card/headset/headphone I've tried with that.

Get a decent pair of headphones and you'll quickly determine that even gaming headsets advertising true 5.1/7.1 surround sound with 5 drivers in each cup will be destroyed. If you're able to buy some other headphones, try the Beyerdynamic DT770's.
You'll easily be able to tell if something is behind you with or without 7.1. The only thing that surround is doing is enhancing the treble.

Mar 20, 2018
Sorry if im late here, but my experience is way different. I had a true 5.1 headset for battlefield and for music this is not the greatest. But directional audio was sublime for gaming. Since that one broke cause i was never carefull with it i moved on to a virtual 7.1 headset and this one was great for stereo music it cant hold a candle to the directional audio of true 5.1. Its not bad but i miss my true surround.

The true 5.1 was a tritton. The virtual 7.1 is a hyperx cloud. Build quality for the latter is way better though.
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