Msi GT60 Vs GT70


Apr 21, 2014
Hello all.
Thank you in advance for reading/helping/steering my choice.
I plan to purchase a new gaming laptop.
I have narrowed it down to two laptops that i like the look of and seem to get good reviews.
MSI GT60 Dominator-626

MSI GT70 Dominator-1282

almost regardless of the £200 difference. Which one would people buy?

This GT60 has a slightly better CPU, but has 3 (not 6) gb of GPU memory.
From what i can see, the GT60 hasnt really got the option to upgrade msata, raid0 and upto 16GB RAM. Can people confirm this?
Im not overly worried about things like battery life,
£1300 is the top end of my budget to be honest.
any help on where else i can go to buy either of these for slightly cheaper. (i have looked at SaveOnLaptops who are insignificantly cheaper)