My A/V Receiver just started putting out low volume to my right channel.


Apr 6, 2015
My Onkyo TX-SV424 just started putting out little volume to the right side. I tested it on my Desktop and it seems like it's a 60-80% Difference. I tried new speaker wires,RCA's,and a different outlet by chance it wasn't entirely clean power. But nothing has changed. I pulled it apart and my fuse was still intact. So any idea's?


Nov 3, 2009
1.Plug / unplug headphones into the headphone jack. The contacts in the jack break the speaker path when the headphones are plugged in. These contacts can oxidize, killing the speakers.
2. switch left and right speakers, find out if you have a bad speaker.
3. Switch left and right speaker wires, etc...


Apr 6, 2015

I've done all of those things. Even with headphones it still doing the volume thing.
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