My Acer computer (I'm not sure which version it is, but It's a laptop to be specific) Has the button to eject the disk tray, b


Jun 18, 2015
My Acer laptop won't let me open the disk tray. I wanted to install 'The Sims 3', but the tray won't open when I press the button. I can't find where to press 'Eject Disk tray' in 'My Computer'. I cleaned out my computer a few weeks ago, does that affect it at all? Maybe it deleted that option? I'm not sure, but I really need help. I appreciate it if you help me :3


the drive's face plat has a little hole near the eject button for that reason. use a stiff bit of wire or a straightened paper clip to insert into that hole & push, the tray will start coming out then pull the rest of the way manually.
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