My Acer laptop shows me black screen with cursor before start up . What to di


May 29, 2017
I have a Acer aspire 5741g laptop with windows 7 ultimate . When I turn on this it shows me a black screen with cursor at start up . It stuck on the black screen. Please help me.


Nov 20, 2014
Can you enter in the BIOS?
If possible try booting from Safe boot and if you have made any changes recently to windows just revert it back.
Or try to do System recovery(if you had created one previously).
The final option will be to reinstall Windows predicting that your HDD is working fine!
on most laptops if the hard drive fails it can lock up the laptop like yours. try removing the drive see if you get no boot device found. if you do replace the drive and see if you can get a restore image from the laptop vendor. with the old drive you can plug it into a desktop and see if you can get any of your old data back.


May 29, 2017



May 29, 2017
I can see my HDD in system image recovery / advanced option . Can you please tell me how to reinstall windows without turning on laptop ..
When I tried to reinstall windows it shows me no drivers found.
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