My brand new HP laptops screen will go black in the middle of use. It's at random times. I don't use the laptop for games or a


Feb 4, 2016
The laptop is brand-new. It's a HP Pavilion. Not sure of anything else detail wise, it says, HP 17-g121wm on the front of it if that is relevant.

I will be in the middle of searching and the screen goes black. The laptop is still on and I can shut the lap top and open it and the screen comes back on. I mainly use it for school so it's pretty much a pain to do that in the middle of tests. I have literally had it since Christmas so it boggles me that something is already wrong with it. I have also set the "sleep" modes to never, thinking that was the problem. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.

Oh also did the whole, take your battery out and push the on and off button thing to lol.
For laptops with regard to cmos battery reset the procedure is:

1. Remove battery.
2. Connect power cable.
3. Hold down power button for 15-25 seconds.