Solved! My family and I have a Mitsubishi DLP 73 inch television, it constantly requires a bulb and the television is often dark after

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The price of bulbs plus the dropping cost of LCD TVs is why I retired my DLP TV a few years ago. You might have to downsize to a 65in to keep costs reasonable, but the picture is infinitely better.


I also had a DLP (61" RCA/InFocus).
Yes, the bulb was a continual hassle.

I gave up on it and went LCD. And I had gotten the TV for free.

Feel lucky that your Mitsu doesn't have the plastic lens issue my InFocus did.
The newer bulbs ran hotter (brighter is good, right?), and melted the original lens in the middle of the light engine.
Much Frankenstein later, it worked.

But still the continual bulb replacement i$$ue.
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