Question my kraken te's left speaker has SLIGHTLY more bass and i can notice it easily.

Mar 20, 2020
its only for low frequency, i dont know if its because of the spatial audio but even on my mp3 musics which was played by windows media player and that was set to stereo, i still hear bass mostly from left side. even when i test spatial audio by sound properties the left side starts with a loud kick and the right side start with a hardly noticeable kick. its so uncomfortable! please help
Mar 20, 2020
Make sure the headphone is plugged in all the way, test it with other devices, make sure your balance and other audio settings are set to center and maybe get a hearing test done.
well next days it fixed.
well its weird, BUT this time my right speaker has slightly more bass.
the headset is new, i use it for a few weeks and put it in the package multiple times for months, bcs i rarely come home and play only for 1 or 2 weeks every day.
well i tried,
disconnecting usb and 3.5 mm and connecting again-not solved
decreasing bass level-still the right side has slightly more bass
tried listening to each speakers-its noticeable, still right speaker has more bass
but left speaker now has no problem with higher frequencies.
im about to give the headset to razer anyway, a replacement because the side with the mic has lower grip and its uncomfortable.
but i still want to know about this, what kind of a problem is that? days ago my left speaker, now my right speaker has slightly more bass.
after a long use its getting like fixed, but still the same.
i tried to look at balancing but well i couldnt find the balance button. weird
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