My laptop is BIOS Locked

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Jan 10, 2017
MyLenovo IdeaPad Y460 20037 is BIOS Locked and won't let me load the OS.How can I fix it.

Also is the Gpu in this laptop better than the Intel HD 4400 for gaming


1. Enter the BIOS password?

2. I believe the laptop has a mobility 5650? It's a bit hard to find detailed info on what appears to be a 7-8 year old laptop.
If it has a 5650, it's a substantial improvement over the Intel 4400, yes. Older titles should be no problem, and *some* newer titles on low/the lowest settings.


Jul 25, 2012
Are you locked into BIOS with a password? Unfortunately Toms has a strict rule against assisting with password circumvention as we cannot determine ownership. If it's something else, elaborate and perhaps we can help, but we cannot assist with circumventing passwords or similar security.
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