My laptop is corrupted?

Jan 4, 2019
So I got an Acer Nitro 5 An515-42 for christmas. I was so happy. I used it for about a week. But now. It ain't working. It went into 3 stages. 1.) The screen started turning black every 5 mins and the taskbar would be broken. I couldnt use the taskbar at all. 2.) It cam to a point where it showed the error, Failes to load bootstrapped or something. Luckily it got fixed after a good 3 hours because of auto repair. Then, 3.) I cannot play my games. I just can open google, and watch youtube, but that's it. Theres no use a to a gaming pc if you cant play games on it. My BIOS was up to date and I update all my other drivers. Even display driver. So I personally think this is a BIOS corrupt. But i tried every other possible solution, except 1. I have to factory reset. But please tell me this is t the only way...i dont wana wastes $900 laptop my grandpapa gave me.. :( P.S. The stages were in days. Like it didnt happen in 1 day, just in different days, but exactly 3 days