My Laptop running Windows 8 is annoyingly slow!!!!


Jul 23, 2015
My hard drive had failed, and as it is a "fresh new laptop" - everything I have on it is really slow!! It is running Windows 8, if I try to update it takes like forever and doesn't move percentage. So, I cancel it... don't think it was a good idea. But I needed asap.
Taken it to PC World, for the hard drive failure now when I try to type something into Google Chrome it is really slow to pick it up. I think it has affected all my other programs on my Laptop.

I would love to receive a response ASAP!! Thanks.


Jun 20, 2012
What make/model laptop are you using?

It could be slow for many reasons, the two that I can think of is that PC World gave you a faulty HDD, or the HDD they gave you has a slower spin speed than your previous one.
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