My new pc poor performance

TC Cagatay

Aug 27, 2016
Hello there, I've bought my very first pc at 27 July 2016, and when I returned home safely (I was holding it so thight on it's box) I opened it and have runned the windows 10 for the first time
PC is: Asus X555YI
Prossessor: AMD A6-7310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
Windows 10 x64 byte
Graphics card: Radeon R5 M320 2 GB

So I don't know almost anything about software of PC's so I ask you guys to tell the solution (if you have one) like you tell to a dumb person who does not understand in the short way like you do

First of all, I know that laptops are not meant to be ultra gaming devices so I was not aiming to play GTA V with ultra quality at 60 FPS. No, it was not what I was expecting

But the thing is; I used a Fujitsu laptop (Intel i5 4000 hd graphics, invidia 620M 2 gb, 500 gb hdd, 4 gb RAM)
and it's been 5 years since I bought it, after time has passed over that pc, nvidia card didn't seem to work, pc would crash on everything which requires nvidia card, so my friends told me to disable that card, and I have started to run the pc with intel for everything, in all games as expected I had a terrible performance at the lowest qualities so I didn't whine about it at all

But when I bought a brand new laptop of Asus, eventually, I was expecting more than this, I'm having the same problem as my old pc, it works like graphics card doesn't work and I don't even run high-qualified games.

I play; Insurgency, Payday2, Far Cry3, Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, MURDERED: TheSoul Suspect [and games like these and they are all original from steam])

The first day I got the PC, I installed insurgency, and it gave me the poorest performance I've ever seen till that day, I asked my friend about it, he navigated me through to Catalyst Control Center and in there, we took literally EVERYTHING to work or the highest performance, not the quality.

And nothing has changed, I even set the Insurgency.exe to high performance, but nope, nothing.

later on, I thought this was normal but then I realised that it is not, I'm having the same performance as my old PC with my brand new solid PC.

I have downloaded many other games like World of Warships, World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, at the minimum quality for all of the each game (except world of tanks) my max fps is 30-40

Such as Metro 2033: Redux still, 40 max fps at minecraft looking graphics.

So I decided that it's something wrong with this piece of metal and plastic, I decided to go to the service of asus.

They told me that the will not open the inside of it because it haven't been a month since I bought the device, so they have checked everything of the pc by their programs, when I came back to take the PC, they said nothing is wrong with this device, everything is fine, it passed all the performance testes and we have reset the whole PC.

At that moment, I didn't know what to do, when I came back to house PC was completely like at they I bought it, it was empty, just a few Asus and basis programs.

I downloaded Far Cry 3 for the first time to this PC and I got the exact performance as my old pc.

Graphics settings are all "low" and "ultra low" with 800x600 screen resolution.

I have no idea what's up with this PC folks, I searched up for it in the internet but couldn't find the exact situation, everything seems fine at overall but it just doesn't work and it really can not be said that this is normal to have a performance with a well working pc comparing to a pc with only working with processor's graphics.

I really hope you understand and have a tip to give me as a little help, I'll appreciate it, yet remember tell everything like you tell an idiot. Thanks a lot